Operator Certification Course

IR/T 101-The Basics

This 8-hour course provides an overview of essential concepts and basic principles of Infrared Thermography needed by anyone who is expected to operate their camera as a part of their job. This is the first of a succession of courses that will open you up to, train you in the technology, and quickly getting you up to speed with the basics of Infra Red Operator Certification CourseInfrared Inspections. This class is not a substitute for the 32-hour Level 1 Infrared Thermography course, but rather an introduction to get your program off to a good start. At the conclusion of the course you will be able to clearly discuss the technology and know how to apply it to your facility.

Practical Hand-On Training

Our training classes use innovative hands-on training techniques that emphasize practical “how to” of the infrared inspection technique. This course will take you through the practical, basics of thermography, teach you how to operate an infrared camera, identify key elements required for implementing an infrared program, and gain knowledge of the most popular industrial/commercial applications (e.g. electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance and condition monitoring and process monitoring). The course is fast paced, practical and exciting!

No IR Camera? No Problem!

Have not purchased an IR camera yet??? No problem! The course is open to everyone regardless of whether or not they own a thermal imager. This course will provide a good understanding of what is necessary to make an informed purchase decision. Attendees that do have equipment are encouraged to bring their IR Cameras.

Who should take this course?

No experience in thermography is necessary! This course is intended as an introduction for anyone using an infrared thermal imaging camera, or anyone interested in purchasing one. The class also serves people that have previously completed Level 1 training but are seeking a refresher class.


No prior knowledge of thermography or infrared cameras is assumed. This course includes five lesson modules.

Here are some of the topics covered in this course:

  • Explain what thermal energy, infrared energy and Infrared Thermography is.
  • The difference between qualitative and quantitative thermography
  • Infrared Radiation Basics: Emissivity, reflectivity and the blackbody principle
  • How emissivity affects the IR image
  • The disadvantages of thermography: where we can go wrong
  • What you need to know regarding IR Camera specifications
  • Components of a Typical Infrared Camera
  • Camera features and basic operation
  • Thermal Focusing the image
  • Setting the correct temperature rangeInfra Red Operator Certification Course
  • Adjusting the IR image
  • Which color palette to use
  • Target size and distance considerations
  • The difference between real and false thermal patterns
  • The three key industrial applications of thermography
  • Transferring images to a computer and report basic
  • The benefits of thermography in a maintenance context

Course Test

A 20 question test is required for students wanting Certification. This is optional.


IR/T101- Infrared Thermography Operator Certification.

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