Basic Electrical Training Course

NO Electrical Background yet? Attend to our one-day Basic Electrical Training Course

This Basic Electrical System Training course is required for those who do not have a background in electricity or electrical systems or for someone with years of electrical thermography inspection experience but no formal electrical training. It is practical in nature – it will cover subjects that an industrial, commercial or institutional electrical IR Inspector must know to be effective. This course is designed to be practical, with procedures and things you need to know to effectively troubleshoot electrical circuits and systems.

This course provides a practical introduction to industrial electricity principles as applied to modern industrial, commercial and institutional electric power systems. The subjects covered are a must for anyone who works with and around electricity or around electrical components. The course begins with the fundamentals of industrial electricity by explaining the fundamentals including electrical flow, Ohm’s Law, Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power, which then leads to information on basic components such as generators, transformers, motors, motor Controls and Power Circuits, electrical protective devices, relays, breaker and fuse operation.



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