Electrical Thermography Certification Course Level I

Electrical Thermography Certification Course Level I

This LI Electrical Thermography Certification course was developed by electrical thermographers with 35+ years of electrical inspection experience. It is geared to practicing thermographers with L1 Basic IRT Certification wanting to focus their inspection skills primarily on electrical inspections. You will increase your knowledge and understanding of how to safely and correctly apply infrared thermography to an electrical system, better your existing results, increase accuracy and obtain an improved return-on-investment.

This 4-day hands-on course is for all who are involved in Electrical maintenance and inspections. It will provide a clear understanding of industrial/commercial electrical thermography for high, medium and low voltage systems: through transmission, HV substations, transformers, switchgear, bus ducts, motor control centers, electrical distribution panels, breakers and UPS.


This is a REAL Electrical Course, unlike any others courses of this type, we work on energized electrical systems in an operating facility, and therefore it is required to bring your own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Infrared Camera.

Participants must have undergone L1 Thermography training from IRT or any institution and have an electrical background. If you do not meet these requirements, do not despair as prior to the start of this course there are 2 options. You may have to take one or both of the courses below.

  1. Operator Certification Course. This course is necessary for students without a Basic L1 Certification Course and no experience.
    Click here for information on the one day Operator Introduction Course.
  2. One Day Electrical Introduction Course. This course is necessary for students without an electrical background.
    Click here for information on the One day Electrical Introduction Course.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction /Overview to thermal imaging and measurement systems for electrical applications.
  • Heat Transfer Theory as it applies to the Electrical system.
  • Instrument Consideration
  • Acquire good electrical inspection safety procedures.
  • Understand and Measure and Account for Emissivity, Reflectivity & Transmissivity
  • Understand Resolution
  • Electrical Inspection Procedure
  • Inspecting the Electrical System
  • Collect quality data, and account for effects such as distance and emissivity using infrared cameras.
  • Understand and establish electrical severity criteria. Including temperature and other factors.
  • Health and Safety. Understand Practices & Benefits of Safety with regards to NFPA 70E.
  • Reporting and Documentation. Understand Software and Reporting (using ANY brand of camera)


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You can cancel or reschedule registration up to one week before the class without penalty. No Charge for Changing Dates

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