IRT Certification Course Level II

Level II: Advanced Thermography Applications Certification Course

The Level 1 course was concentrated on Qualitative thermography and performing a basic inspection. The Level II is qualified to set up and calibrate equipment and interpret and evaluate results with respect to applicable codes, standards and specifications. Should be thoroughly familiar with scope and limitations of methods for which qualified and should exercise assigned responsibility for on-the-job training and guidance of trainees and NDT Level I personnel. They should be able to organize and report the results.

The Level II is focused on Quantitative skills including making accurate temperature, emissivity and transmissivity measurements as well as setting repair prioritization improved accuracy and diagnosis.

With the goals of advancing any Infrared CM and PdM program the course is designed to assist in strengthening and advancing inspection and IR Camera skills. Advanced theory, applications, equipment operations, standards compliance, thermal analysis and inspection techniques are all presented in a simple, easy to learn fashion.

Course certificate, exam, one-on-one sessions, and post course support are also included. Participants completing Level II infrared course requirements will receive an IRT thermography certification.


A course completion certificate from a Level I thermography training is required to attend the LII Course.

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