IRT Certification Courses Level III

Level III: Certification Course

This course is provided to advance a Level II Thermographer to the level where they are able to initiate, develop, implement and manage a successful Infrared Condition Monitoring Program. The course will provide an understanding of the information necessary to oversee and direct other thermographers performance as well as be capable of field training and examining Level I and II personnel.

This course covers advanced topics related to heat transfer analysis, current industry certification criteria, and how to develop and implement standards and procedures compliant written practices and methods, marketing and promoting an infrared inspection program, interpret codes, standards and designate the particular condition monitoring and NDT methods to be used.   The Level III is responsible for designing and implementing a written practice in accordance with the employer’s need to provide written procedures and purchase suitable equipment.

Course Objectives

  • Recognizing key elements of a successful IR Thermography program.
  • Integrate predictive maintenance technologies
  • Understanding the process used to create an IR procedure.
  • Identifying safety requirements for thermographers and accompanying personnel for IR surveys.
  • Prevent reoccurring problems by identifying failure mechanisms
  • Identify and specify safe practices for your company
  • Creating a custom IR report template and proper reporting procedures.
  • Understand and meet the requirements of OSHA, DOE, NFPA, INPO and other regulatory agencies
  • Developing a written practice for Level I, Level II and Level III thermographers.


A course completion certificate from a Level II thermography training is required to attend the LIII Course.

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