On-Site Courses

The focus of the Institute of Infrared Thermography (IRT) goes well beyond our scheduled trainings. Nearly 40% of our training courses are done at customer sites today. At our customer-site courses, we not only provide the same level of training, but we also able to take the student into your own facility to perform an instructor-assisted plant inspections.  With direct guidance and suggestions from our field experienced trainers, the student receives field related experience on how to do the inspection, what to look for, and the interpretation of any found problems. This is invaluable and cannot be done in the classroom.

Our On-site course will provide more in-depth and complete educational platform, having several advantages over regularly scheduled classes:

  • Students Are On Site: Students stay on site and are available in the case of an emergency comes up where their services are required.
  • Investment Savings: The pricing of an on-site course provides considerable price savings verses training a large number of employees at a IRT regular scheduled course at a location outside of your own facility, not to mention the savings regarding travel to and accommodation at the venue.
  • Inspection Instruments: Students are taught on their own instruments. We are not related to or owned by any camera manufacturer. Whatever instruments you have at the course, no problem, we are fully experienced with all types and models.
  • Applications: We deal with your specific applications and requirements. The course will be structured to develop and instruct the students to perform inspections particular to your specific applications and requirements.
  • Inspection: Students have the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills to perform inspections on the facility equipment of their choosing.
  • Trainers: A seasoned trainer will be made available for this course. During the course the trainer make time to discuss questions or concerns that are specific to their own facility and/or type of inspections being performed.
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