Project Description

Switchyard Disconnect Hinge Mechanism.

This thermal anomaly shows clearly that there is a problem on the hinge mechanism. As there was not the time for a proper repair, the switch was opened and closed 3 times to see if this would reduce the temperature. This is NOT a repair, but may the situation until a proper repair could be scheduled. As noted in the follow up thermal image the temperature seems to have decreased. But it is clear the fault still exists. A work order needs to be made and a repair initiated.

Turbine Generator. Main leads of generator. The problem was failed micarta bushing. Micarta is basically epoxy with some added material to give it strength, but over time and with certain conditions it can fail as it did here.

For you thermographers out there, you may have noted that the second thermal image is not from the same distance or angle. Therefore these two images are not good for comparison. In fact, my eye tells me that the problem may have in fact worsened and not improved at all!