Why Institute of Infrared Thermography as your training provider?

IRT is an independent Infrared Training Organization. We do not belong to or are owned by any Infrared Camera Sales Company of Infrared manufacturer. IRT arranges courses in which all can attend, no matter which brand of infrared camera owned. This means you receive unbiased education on any infrared camera you have.

We are thoroughly knowledgeable with every brand of instrument. Infrared manufacturers and sales representatives sell cameras into nearly every country in the world and send students to our Institute to train. This means IRT potentially provides training in over 32 countries. Beside the regularly scheduled courses, IRT provides specific on-site training at large companies that have several thermographers on staff. We have trained hundreds of organizations like Intel, ESSO, PetroCanada, Mobil Oil, Shell, Norsk Hydro, Ontario Power, Singapore Power, TNB (Malaysia Power), General Motors, Ford, Westinghouse, Eaton/Cuttler Hammer, and so on.

Experienced Educators

Our trainers are not just excellent thermographers; they are also skilled and experienced educators. They enjoy teaching and are eager to communicate their knowledge with enthusiasm on a practical level.

“The instructor was very enthusiastic about the technology. He knows thermography and how to teach the subject. It was an enjoyable class with a comfortable learning atmosphere.”

Tom R. – Shell Brunei

Education is Our Only Business!

Education and training, mentoring, program evaluation and development the infrared thermography industry is our product. We are a solutions based company. No matter where you are in the development of your infrared inspection program or in your personal growth as a thermographer, we can assist you to take it to another level.

“The instructors practical experience and apparent knowledge are useful and impressive.

Gerald H. – Asia Technical Services

Field Experienced Thermographers!

The Institute is staffed by infrared industry seasoned professionals, some with more than 35 years of performing Condition Monitoring and PdM infrared thermography inspections. Our staff understands this industry from all aspects from the ground up; setting up CM inspection programs, operating inspection companies and marketing.   We have worked with virtually every industry type from petrochemical, electronics, power generation and distribution to building, pest management and materials testing!

You will benefit from instruction based on their years of experience in performing inspections in the field. In our intensive courses, you’ll learn things that you couldn’t pick-up with years of “on the job” experience.

“I have managed a maintenance program at a large facility for 15 years; I learned more than any other technical course I have ever taken. It gave us what we needed to confidently do an inspection, and to integrate infrared into our existing condition monitoring program. Great Course!”

David S.- General Motors