• Certification
  • Re-Certification

For Level 1 , this is 210 hours of inspection time. This is field inspection time and does not include report time. A detailed log must be kept. Any inspections completed to date counts as your hours. Your supervisor will provide a letter verifying the work experience. Once the experience component is completed, a report is submitted to IRT for evaluation. If this meets the criteria for a Level 1, T/IR Level 1 Certification is awarded. You will receive a new certificate with your certification number.

As with all NDT methods, there is a requirement to be re-certified in 5 years. The reason is to ensure the individual is active in the field, and maintains the quality level of inspections.
Recertification applies to individuals who maintain continued active employment in the field of thermography and demonstrate efforts to keep current in the field.

The recertification must be requested and materials submitted 3 months prior to the expiration.

The key elements are:

• Re-certification requires documentation of continued thermography inspection experience. The thermographermust have worked at least 20% over the past 5 years performing inspections. Keep a time log of the thermography work you are

doing. A letter from your supervisor of continuous employment performing infrared inspections and writing reports will be required.

• Submission of a typical report. Prepare a file of the work you have been doing, including reports, presentations and interesting findings.

• Proof of continuing education. Keep track of any additional training you take either infrared thermography or other related trainings.

• Contribution to the Infrared Industry. This includes writing of papers published in technical journals or the IRT Newsletter and attendance at related conferences.