Institute of Infrared Thermography
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IRT is independent and arranges courses in which all people can attend, no matter which brand of infrared camera owned.  We are thoroughly knowlegeable with every brand of instrument.  Infrared manufacturers and sales representatives sell cameras into nearly every country in the world and send students to our Institute to train.  This means IRT potentially provides training in over 32 countries.  Beside the regularly scheduled courses, IRT provides specific on-site training at large companies that have several thermographers on staff.  We have trained hundres of organizations like Intel, ESSO, PetroCanada, Mobil Oil, Shell, Norsk Hydro, Ontario Power, Singapore Power, TNB (Malaysia Power), General Motors, Ford, Westinghouse, Eaton/Cuttler Hammer, and so on.

We have worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of thermographers who use infra-red imaging, or thermography, in a host of applications.  These range from predictive and preventive maintenance (P/MP) to condition monitoring, from non destructive testing (NDT) to research and development (R&D), from process control to quality control, and from building diagnostics to security and surveillance.  The list of applications for thermography is almost endless and is limited only by your imagination.

Our Level III trainers are able to help you develop your entire infrared program with infrared camera instrument evaluation, program development and implementation, personnel training and certification (ASNT, BINDT, European and ISO standards), specific application training, Infrared inspection services, application development and consulting services.